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0.3-0.5 Liter Round Tinplate Metal Can For Paint Sample Retain

The Guteli round big open tin cans in 0.3 liter, 0.4 liter, and 0.5 liter sizes are designed for special applications and are commonly used to store various chemical samples, the material is 0.22mm-0.23mm thin steel tinplate. When these cans are used for water-based paint, it is necessary to apply a waterproof liner, such as a plastic film or waterproof coating, to prevent leakage and ensure the integrity of the stored paint.

    Additional Features/Options

    1. Size: 0.3 liter, 0.4 liter, 0.5 liter
    2. Liner: Waterproof, or not
    3. Printing: Plain, or customized parinting
    4. Thickness: According to specification from 0.22mm to 0.23mm


    Product Name

    0.3-0.5 Liter round tinplate metal can for paint sample retain


    Thin stainless steel tinplate


    packaging for chemicals, water-based/oil paint 








    0.3 Liter, 0.4 Liter, 0.5 Liter


    CMYK 4C printing, customized parinting


    Guteli round large opening tin cans provide a reliable and versatile solution for storing a wide range of chemical samples, making them an essential part of a range of applications. Available in three sizes: 0.3L, 0.4L and 0.5L, these tinplate cans are made from high-quality 0.22mm - 0.23mm thin steel tinplate, ensuring durability and protection of the contents stored. With their specialized design, these canisters effectively protect chemical samples while providing ease and convenience. These tin cans are known for their suitability for storing water-based paints. However, due to the nature of water-based paint and its potential to cause leaks, these tanks must be coated with waterproof liners to maintain the integrity of the paint being stored. This liner can be in the form of a plastic film or a waterproof coating, acting as an effective barrier against any potential leaks and spills. 
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    The capacity of 0.3 liters, 0.4 liters and 0.5 liters can meet various storage needs, and provide flexibility and adaptability for different numbers of chemical samples or water -based coatings. The spacious interior of these jars allows for efficient use of space, while their large round opening design facilitates easy pouring and removal of stored contents. The solid structures of these tin cans ensure that they can withstand the requirements of handling and transportation, so that you are safe and secure about storage materials. The durable tinplate material is corrosion- and impact-resistant, making these tanks a reliable choice for long-term storage and transportation of chemical samples or water-based coatings. In addition to functional attributes, the design of Gutti Round -shaped opening iron can also take into account the convenience of users. Safety closed mechanisms ensure closely sealing and prevent any potential leakage or overflowing in the storage or transportation. Additionally, the industrial-grade design of these tanks makes them compatible with a variety of storage environments, including laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses. Overall, the Guteli Round Large Opening Tin Can is a valuable asset to any industry or operation that requires a reliable storage solution for chemical samples or water-based coatings. With its durable structure, multi -functional capacity, and compatibility with waterproof lining, these tanks provide reliable and effective ways to protect valuable materials while ensuring operating efficiency and safety.

    Packaging and delivery

    Packaging Details: Carton packaging
    Port :Tianjin, China

    Supply Ability

    Supply Ability 150000 Piece/Pieces per Month

    Lead time

    Quantity (pieces)

    1 - 8000

    > 8000

    Lead time (days)


    To be negotiated

    Production process



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