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18L-20L Round Paint Pail Components Metal Bottom

The Guteli 18L-20L round paint pail components metal bottom. There are three kinds of raw materials, steel tinplate, steel chromeplate, steel galvanized plate, the thickness for 1-5 Liter cans is 0.23mm to 0.28mm, for 18-20 Liter pails is 0.32mm to 0.38 mm.Customized size support.



    Product Name

    18L--20L round paint can components paint iron bucket bottom




    paint bucket/pail/drum/barrel


    Round shape




    0.23mm to 0.28mm for can, 0.35mm to 0.38mm for pail


    CMYK 4C printing, customized parinting



    Delivery time

    Within 15 days


    The Guteli 18L-20L Round Paint Pail: A Reliable and Customizable Solution for Paint Storage

    The Guteli 18L-20L Round Paint Pail is an essential component for professionals and businesses in the paint industry, offering a secure and convenient solution for storing oil-based paints. Its durable construction, versatile raw material options, and customizable sizing make it a standout choice for those seeking a reliable and adaptable paint storage solution.

    Crafted from high-quality steel, the Guteli paint pail comes in three variations: steel tinplate, steel chromeplate, and steel galvanized plate. Each type of material offers specific benefits to cater to different operational requirements. The steel tinplate option provides excellent corrosion resistance and a clean, glossy finish, making it ideal for environments where protection against rust and external damage is crucial. On the other hand, the steel chromeplate variant delivers enhanced durability and a polished appearance, suitable for applications where a sleek and professional aesthetic is desired. Lastly, the steel galvanized plate option offers robust protection against rust and corrosion, making it a reliable choice for challenging and outdoor environments. With these material options, the Guteli paint pail ensures that users can select the most appropriate variant to address their specific operational needs, providing tailored solutions for varied applications and settings.

    In addition to its material versatility, the Guteli paint pail boasts customized sizing support, allowing users to specify dimensions that best suit their paint storage requirements. Whether it's for 1-5 liter cans or 18-20 liter pails, the Guteli paint pail can be tailored to accommodate different volumes, ensuring that users have the flexibility to store varying quantities of oil-based paints according to their specific needs.
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    Furthermore, the unique feature of adjustable thickness adds to the adaptability of the Guteli paint pail. For 1-5 liter cans, the thickness ranges from 0.23mm to 0.28mm, while for 18-20 liter pails, the thickness is adjustable from 0.32mm to 0.38mm. This versatility in thickness ensures that the Guteli paint pail can meet diverse operational demands, catering to specific strength and durability requirements based on the intended use and handling conditions.

    The practicality and reliability of the Guteli paint pail extend to its overall design, with a metal bottom that provides sturdy support and stability when the pail is filled with oil-based paints. This robust construction ensures that the pail maintains its integrity and shape, even when handling heavier loads, contributing to a secure and dependable storage solution for paint-related materials.

    Additionally, the Guteli paint pail's user-friendly design includes a secure lid and handle, enhancing its functionality and ease of use. The lid ensures that the stored oil-based paints remain protected from external elements, maintaining their quality and consistency over time, while the sturdy handle allows for convenient transportation and maneuvering, contributing to operational efficiency and ease of handling.

    In conclusion, the Guteli 18L-20L Round Paint Pail stands as a versatile and practical choice for professionals and businesses seeking a reliable and customizable solution for storing oil-based paints. With its range of raw material options, customized sizing support, adjustable thickness, and durable construction, this paint pail offers tailored solutions to meet diverse operational needs, ensuring that users can store and handle their paint-related materials with confidence and efficiency.

    Whether it's the corrosion resistance of steel tinplate, the durability of steel chromeplate, or the robust protection of steel galvanized plate, the Guteli paint pail provides the assurance of reliable paint storage tailored to specific requirements. Additionally, its customizable sizing and adjustable thickness options offer the flexibility needed to accommodate varying quantities and operational demands, catering to diverse applications and settings within the paint industry.

    Experience the practicality and reliability of the Guteli 18L-20L Round Paint Pail and discover how it can elevate your paint storage and handling processes, providing a secure, convenient, and customized solution to meet your specific operational needs.

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