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Guteli focus on sustainability


Sustainability is a core value for Guteli and remains an integral part of how the company does business.

The recycling of steel drums has been well developed in Europe, America, Japan and other countries, and the reuse rate of old steel drums is as high as 80%. But currently in China, the reuse rate of old steel drums is only about 20%. Most steel drums are only used once and then flattened and broken for steel making. Although steel making is also a way to reuse, this approach is extremely wasteful compared to recycling. There are many reasons for the low recycling rate of old barrels, the most important of which are loose policies and problems in technology and management. We should not be afraid of problems, but afraid that problems will be left unsolved. Turning ordinary industry problems into social problems is a responsibility we cannot bear.

The main goal of the sustainable packaging movement is to reduce the amount of packaging materials used for transporting and storing goods. However, reducing packaging materials without adequate attention may lead to unforeseen consequences. Another problem is that sustainable packaging often costs more than traditional packaging. Most of all, the demand for sustainable packaging is uncertain, which is a major issue. If the demand for products is not high enough, a stable market cannot be created, further hindering investment by producers because it involves higher costs and risks, thus increasing the likelihood of instability.

Recycling is the best method for solving sustainable development, Guteli is doing his best to do sustainability,we focus for the company continues to be advancing a circular economy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and championing diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives.We want to do our part to ensure a bright future for many generations to come.