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Guteli guangzhou branch building



Since founded in 2004, Guteli has bulit five factories. We made Guteli become a famous brand in China. In order to offer the best service and fast delivery, by the end of 2023, Guteli Packaging Products (tianjin) Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with a famouse enterprise to establish a branch factory in Huadu District, Guangzhou province. The new factory plans to invest 10 million RMB, covering an area of 3,000 square meters, and is expected to start production in March 2024, it will provide more than 100 jobs. The main products will include open and closed steel buckets, with complete powder coating and electromagnetic drying equipment, the products will used for oil-based and water-based packaging. Guteli’s target customers are paint, waterproofing, and paint manufacturers in Guangzhou province and nearby areas as well as potential exporting to Southeast Asia, such as Thailand,Vietnam,Singapore. Guteli Guangzhou factory will utilize the most advanced domestic automated production lines, with an annual production capacity of 10 million units. Guteli Guangzhou and subsidiary Xiangrui's full industry chain of bottom cover stamping and film covering, work together to achieve the goal: “Where the clients are, where we are! Create the highest cost-effective packaging drum production base in the future.” said our CEO Wang.

Our Guteli has factories in Tianjin(headoffice two factories), Beijing, Henan(two factories), Guangzhou, totally six factories. Tianjin factories and Guangzhou factory mainly support our exporting business, Beijing factory and Henan factories mainly support our domestic business. We are the globle metal packaging solution specialist, we have not only full size series can, tin, bucket, but aslo packaging component and raw material iron sheet with film covering. From design printing to shippment, we offer one stop packaging service. In the near future, Guteli will build more and more factories to close our clients and creat more jobs, that’s our socical responsibility.